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Most people are just lymphing along..

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

The alternative path to health seems to focus a lot on the lymphatic system. This is a system that most people ignore unless they get lymphoma or some form of lymph pain to make them aware they even have a lymph system. The actual lymph system is made up of glands, nodes and tissue like the tonsils, spleen, adenoids, thymus glands etc. This lymphatic system has no pump unlike the cardiac system that uses the heart to pump and the lungs to oxygenate the blood to move through the veins and arteries. The lymphatic system depends upon the thickness of the fluids and the movement of the body to keep things moving. It is a cleaning path for the body’s cellular waste. The point of the lymph system is to carry waste from the cells to the blood that is pumped by the heart to then exit the body after being filtered by the kidneys and liver. The waste that is carried out is from all kinds of daily body functions and processes from food, drugs, chemicals that have been used or over absorbed or consumed. It also processes normal body waste just from living and breathing. It’s really quite amazing when the human body works as it is supposed to. We call that health. Just living produces waste. The lymph system impacts many things from inability to lose weight to body pain and hormone dysfunction and general irritability and poor concentration. The lymphatic system stays invisible as it does all these daily living processes, even if it’s not working so great. If you want to take care of your lymphatic system here are a few things you can do. Deep Breath… this process helps move toxins and slows stagnation, as well as, support brain health and offer a feeling of wellbeing. An absolute need is to drink water. We know that the most dehydrated people are more likely to have ill health that starts in a lymphatic processes. Drink your water. The cells need the water to move waste out of the body. The next thing is move your body. Desk jobs are killer for lymphatic process. Because the lymph system has no pump it needs your physical movement to move itself. Because of that the more sugar you consume, pop you drink or fruit juices the stickier and thicker your lymph fluids become. Then add antihistamines or other drying drugs and you have plugs in the lines. And plugs in the lines are never good. Oddly enough raw nuts and seeds are great lubricators for the lymph system. There are many herbal teas that are de-gummers and support the lymph process. Like most drugs its best to have a practitioner that is familiar with herbal paths help you find the right one for your particular needs. The natural health profession also supports dry skin brushing which stimulates the overall system to move. It is also possible to find a massage therapist that specializes in lymph massage. The better your lymphatic system works the better your immune system works.

As always make choices that matter.

Diane Pinazza RRT,ND

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