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big pharma.. a great series link I hope you will take the time to watch..

this is the big pharma series access link.. its 6 different lectures that is very worth your time.. they are each a little over an hour.. and you will finich knowing a lot more than you do now.. clarity regarding covid and why the struggle for vaccinated people with health issues.. and so much more.. why it happened and where is health going.. as well and the pharmacy industry and what they are good for and not good for.. dont throw out the baby with the bath water.. as some of you know.. I am not anti vaccine I am anti poison injections.. I am not against the use of drugs or modern medical processes.. I am against the ignorant use of them and the confusing for profit system that keeps people confused.. this is a fun series for me.. and an eye opening series for others

this is not polotical based.. its not conservative or liberal.. there are speakers from each ( catagory) it is human concern based..

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