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Scared Straight - not likely

Let’s revisit this "being healthy" thing. People that are obviously unwell come to see me and tell me how healthy they are. This is not uncommon. I started realizing long ago that people associate not being sick with being healthy. If they do not have allergies, or an active cold or get colds often they consider themselves healthy. Even if they take high blood pressure medications, high blood sugar drugs, thyroid, cholesterol, maybe and antidepressant, some hormones pellets in the butt. Occasional allergy pills and a Tylenol, Advil or Aleve every now and then for headache or body pain. Oh and Benadryl for sleep most nights. And acid blocking pill when food gets backed up or to keep it from burning. And or any combination or similar. You get the idea.

So why are you here to

see me? I just want to eat better and make sure I "stay" well , is not an uncommon answer.

Not, to get off all the drugs that I would otherwise not be alive without. No, people do not consider any of that. Those drugs just blend into their “healthy” status. making "getting" well not seen. but "staying" well the desire. yes, a very large blind spot.

Then when I press further, they have lots of leg cramps and no gallbladder so there is no hormone management, they have not slept through the night without being drugged (which is not sleep- those are two different things) in years. They are constipated but don’t consider every few days a problem. Or they are happy to poop several times a day and not realizing their nutrition is not absorbing at all. Their sex drive is not bad because they have testosterone that is 10x normal due to the life saving pellets in the butt. Relationships are good on facebook.. but nooot so much in person. And so on.. or they have LOTS of friends but no connection and are struggling emotionally.

I would like to challenge you to consider health as a body that can function without artificial support and still be well. Mental and emotional health are solid parts of overall health of the body not just physical ill health. I would like you to see that what you eat matters in how you will live and die . I would like you to know that you have choices. I would like you to know that your lack of communication causes you great stress and pain that you do not seem to connect to the headaches and acid reflux. I would like you to know that its possible to get people in a better health position in spite of the belief that all those drugs are necessary. That it just might not be true that they are good for you or even helpful. I would like people to think about how they want to live and how they want to die. Please also consider that blindly over taking supplements is just as destructive as over taking pharmaceuticals.

Several years back while my mom was in the nursing home, and I was unable to leave a lot due to her confusion I offered to do some appointments in the guest area at the nursing home. It went well. Mike said “are you calling it the New scared straight program. ? “... assuming that if people could see how nursing home patients die they would want health. sadly that is not how people think. They just think they are not going to be like that. I know this from watching all the family members of a dying emphysema patient on a ventilator congregate in the lobby of any given hospital to smoke together..

Human nature ignores a lot of connector pieces.

Most people think they get to pick how they die and when etc. which is kind of true – just not how they are thinking .. you pick as you chose how you live. . How you invest in your health is just like how you invest in your finances. It is what you have at the end to work with. The less you invested the less there is to work with. Of course, accidents happen and there are crisis happenings that can alter plans. But the bottom line is you are choosing how you intend to die every single day.... Based upon how you live.... Where you invest your time and energy in learning and growing your health.

Health does not, generally, just happen...… Ill health, generally, just happens.

Ill health is a passive process. Health on the other hand requires action and in the case of using alternative medicine it requires interaction and a lot of it. Because what you think you know – you do not know. Its pretty much required to relearn and grow so you can see the human body, and soul in a different light. As one …

the American medical structure that is governed by, for-profit, marketing and insurance regulations as fractured care. The purpose of fracturing care ( I call is scattered care) is not so you get better specialists etc. But so no -one entity- is legally responsible for any outcome. The more specialists involved the less responsibility any one person or facility bears. Its brilliant actually. All the while making the consumer think they are getting specialized and the best care possible. its got he same kind of feel as multilevel marketing or time shares.. great look but something feels wrong. this is where we are.. lots of specialized paths and lots of legal shrouds and no body is minding the actual human care. The sales of said "perception of care" is driving the care itself. or lack of care as it were.

The reality is the human body is one entity. And must be looked at in its entirety. We must stop looking at normal and start looking at paths and entire function and interaction. Directions and sources. An out-of-range number cannot be fixed until the reason its out of range is understood. or at the very least identified.

Just like dealing with families. People want me to fix the kids but its never the kids.. it’s the structure the kids are forced to adapt within. When the structure is addressed, the kids get better or at least their actual issues can be clearly sorted and dealt with. Health of the individual cell, family cell, society cell are all the same. They work the same.

I challenge you to want to be as naturally well as you can. Not everyone can be rid of pharmaceuticals. Some people have had body altering surgeries or accidents that will not go back to the way things were. Many were born with nonfunctioning health challenges. The idea is to work with the greatest common denominator for health and the least common denominator for drugs and unnatural interventions.

Don’t want to you say.. ? that is fine.. just know that is a choice in how life is going to progress and the further you get away from the greatest common denominator for health the less health you can have no matter how hard you work.

Balance is the idea. its not about speed. it’s about consistent movement. In the right direction.

even in cell function communication is how they work. just like in relationships, families,

societies etc.. communication is how information is passed. when there is a blockage there is disease. That might be your personal health, your family, your social network.

don't ignore health.

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