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About the Herban Resource Center

Diane Pinazza RRT/ND/DiHom

Herban Resource Center LLC

I am a Holistic Practitioner/Traditional Naturopath/Classically trained Homeopath  with 25 years clinical experience in alternative medicine and another 20 years working in the hospital/critical care, emergency room settings. I have a Bachelor of Science from Northern Arizona University, I hold a Bachelors and Masters of Holistic Nutrition, a Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy, and many certificates over the years, a graduate of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.

I am always on a quest for more learning. I received a certificate in acupuncture, I am a Tai Chi instructor and Mindful Practice Practitioner. I have taught addiction behavior courses and facilitated stop smoking programs for the American Lung Association. I've coordinated Better Breathers Club programs and created many lung health and drug/smoking prevention assemblies for local schools and corporate health programs as a Cardiopulmonary Department Manager.

My dad taught me to identify plants and their healing properties at an early age. We spent many hours hiking in the mountains of Northern Arizona, Southern Colorado and Pacific Northwest. He would point out every plant and have me name it and tell him what it is used for and what parts are safe etc. It seemed a silly game at the time but now I see an invaluable knowledge base that many do not possess.

Plant medicine! It stayed in my soul. My Dad was excited to help me open my first office in 1998. He told me he was glad I had finally come around to use what I know to help people that wanted health, not suppression of symptoms. He challenged me to find a way to teach others and not give up. So many people are wanting/needing to learn about food and herbs for their health supporting properties.

My mission and desire is to help people understand how to use alternative options and nutrition to serve them in the best possible way.

I do not support multi-level marketing paths. I do not force sales upon clients. I work with them at the pace they are willing to go. Some will move fast and others move slowly.  I love helping people learn how to shop and research information, even garden and cook, if they are so inclined. I love the peace that comes from knowing how the body works, not fearing it.

I am not a practitioner that believes it’s all or nothing. Some people will never be able to stop their pharmaceuticals. In those cases, we must work with their medical doctors and around their current situation. Knowing and understanding the medical system and alternative system allows me to support the balance of styles and help clients understand their personal particulars.

I have been happy to serve the local population in their quest for natural health options for the past 25 years. I saw my first client 25 years ago and we have been going strong ever since. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get busy. The sooner you start the faster you will look back and see a different path traveled! I hope you will allow me to be a part of your health team on this journey of life.

As always make choices that matter!!

-Diane Pinazza RRT, ND, DiHom

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