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More on Fever #2

Fever. It’s a big topic. And largely misunderstood. We have learned not only does it clear infection but it activates the process to bring the organism back to normal when there has been a breach by a germ process.

Due to chronic suppression mindsets and practices that have become common place in our society. We now have few actual acute infections. Currently more people have chronic inflammation and die as a result of a chronic ill health issue. They never get a chance to recover from acutes because they are never exposed to them. Most childhood acute infections have been wiped out making immune building not possible. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc. are now more common death paths for kids and adults, or the infection that makes those co-morbidities deadly. Also why we have so many people dying from the current “pandemic”. Not from the infection but from the co-morbidities after getting the infection and unable to produce a proper body immune response to battle a germ. Which then overwhelms the organism in multi-organ failure. (Statistically these deaths are not being categorized they are being clumped as one kind of death) making accurate information not currently possible.

This is also why the majority of children I work with are of a lower level of health than their parents. Parents want to help their children but generally unaware they are often the source of their children’s ill-health and chronic stresses in life. Either home environment, be it emotional interactions, poor nutrition options, violence or silence etc. Or too much pressure to succeed or pushing them beyond their maturity level to learn or participate before they are emotionally stable and ready. All cause stress on the body and mind. All generally unintentional. Most parents are loving and want the best possible outcomes for their kids. With the caveat of (don’t mess with my patterns just help them).

Marketing says there is a good solution and you are being a good parent if you medicate them every time they are sick and give antibiotics for viral infections and suppress fever etc. In fact if you do not do those things your social support structure will look down upon you. Most people want to fit in. Most people want to do what’s seen as collectively right. Some families ostracize members if they are different. It’s just how things go. It works well for the Amish and m any other faiths to shun those that do not comply. Because they know humans are innately social creatures and need support to survive.

Now that we have google, people make themselves extremely stressed trying to acquire years’ worth of understanding and knowledge by reading things they have no background or education in and then mistrusting the people that do have backgrounds and years of education. There is something to be said for learning things in steps and adding knowledge over years not through reading a few articles and feeling confident and qualified. It makes life VERY hard. People are mistrustful as a result. They have enough information to slightly understand but realize generally their blind spots and they know they do not know. But they make choices as if they know. = stress

Sadly due to all that mistrust they create inside their own understanding path, if they don’t know they assume others don’t either. It’s another vicious circle. People have lost the ability to self-monitor. I ask people about their kid’s patterns and they say just a minute it’s on my phone I ask about period cycles and they have to look it up, I ask about sleep cycles and they chart it and have programs to tell them if they sleep well. Don’t get me wrong those tools can be helpful in some cases but in many cases they are a way to keep from having to think. That is never helpful. Using tools for external storage instead of thinking, which is internal – is always a bad thing. Using tools to support memory and document is a great thing. Very different processes.

The fastest way to get kids better is to get parents better. This is why I much prefer to work with families and see parents more than the kids to address their health challenges because the more they see their own health needs the more they can do for their own kids.. Without that process the family patterns generally pull the child back into the same cycle over and over. Making patterns far more deadly than genetics in most homes.

Remember chronic inflammation interrupts acute inflammation. That comes after a not helpful pattern is solidified.

Fever is now being studied in many areas of medicine. One question being asked – is fever a predictor of autism spectrum

It appears that suppression of fever might be the onset trigger of autistic disorders. Think about it for a minute. Vaccine – then anti-fever medication. Sometime parents even give it before vaccines (to prevent fever). Other parents wait to see how the kid responds. (you might find it interesting that with the current pandemic vaccine being given – part of the instructions is to NOT take Advil or Tylenol so the vaccine works better)

There are 2 subgroups in the studies

Can fever be used as a predictor of autistic outcomes?

Observation = hypothesis

1. Fever = better psychological position and potential for cure

2. No inflammation or fever response you cannot cure case

Fever in absence of infection (autoimmune response) is not what we are looking for, or at, regarding immune function.

A good fever is a response to infection not the body attacking itself as in autoimmune attacks.

We are looking for a defense mechanism not a fever as a result of the pathology of a progression of a disease itself as in autoimmune diseases or something like a sunstroke where the body is overheating not because of infection (in fact the weaker the immune system the more hyper-sensitive and reactive to other non-infection triggers the body will be.) Example: most people with autoimmune disease processes cannot tolerate the sun or heat.

When there is no response there is an explosion of cytokines eventually which will cause fever response at some point but that is not a good position as we covered in the cytokine storm section of previous posts. That kind of explosion is unrecoverable. Either totally (death)or not without compromise to the organism going forward (weakened immune system) with a correlating lower level of health..

We are looking for the body to respond normally to an invasion not an internal dysfunction response.

An autoimmune reaction is an effort for the body to cure itself the problem is it is not a curative effort.

Steroids are commonly used to palliate locally (meaning stop what hurts) - the problem is that local suppression damages the entire function of the whole organism.

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