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Levels of Health #2

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

There are 12 sections of the levels of health as per -George Vithoulkas book

Level 1 is absolute health

All of level one is healthy. They can get sick from anything that can impact all the other levels of health but they will recover. As a person moves down the levels of health once they get below level 7 they no longer respond to certain infections. This is because the immune system can no longer respond. These are the people that don’t get colds or flu etc. (not because they are well but quite the opposite)

Level 7 and below have significantly compromised immune systems. –

They have no effect from viruses and bacteria – they no longer have the ability to mount a fever.

With decreased health there is decreased immune response and increased degeneration starts.

As the speed of the degeneration increases the ability to mount a fever decreases.

This is why I use hypothermia and chronically cold as a marker of health going the wrong way. This generally gets much worse after a run of suppressive therapy or drugs etc.

Acute infections are suppressed and pushed further into chronic ill health. Or compromised immune system

There is little to no defense as the organism deteriorates.

Generally for those that allow fever – after fever the organism gets better


When I ask the last high fever? That date of last high fever is when chronic illness began.

Chronic health issues start after suppression of acute It does not appear at first – it shows up after years of suppression with steroids, fever reducers, pain pills surgeries, repeated antibiotics etc.

The immune system just gets more and more compromised as time goes by

How does it show up? Autoimmune disease processes Neuromuscular disease processes Psychotic conditions – skin /mental OCD compromised thinking All of these processes keep fever at bay. Memory loss =logic loss ,sadly people can live 80-90 years in this condition because their level of health is so poor no epidemic will touch them. They cannot respond to germs. We kill them with pharmaceutical treatment. We see this in nursing home care currently.

People die for 2 reasons 1. Infection of vital organs 2. Important organ destroyed.

We cannot bypass natural death process with human ingenuity without consequences. And many people are currently living the health of those consequences. Fear of death, pain and suffering makes people do a lot of things that make them live longer but suffer greatly.

Interestingly it all revolves around money. I went to a non-alternative conference this week covering neonatal care. I found it amazing that these medical doctors stated that they could save almost all these babies if there was enough money for the 24/7 care and enough aggressively trained people to do the care. And there is not. They also were not interested in the human position of saving the microscopic beings. They were interested in the challenge of saving smaller and smaller beings.(they practice on rat pups) The damage to lung and neurological structures ,though the main focus of care, was not a deterrent to the process of saving the unsaveable, or the extended outcomes that can have massive suffering for the baby and the family that often still end in death.

Natural death is generally considered the enemy by most. Something to fight. Even people who claim faith do not embrace their faith on a daily basis regarding this concept of natural death, except the "position" or faith, not the internal "action" of faith. They still live a life self-focused and a life of fear of loss of (usually financial) which as you know financial focus is about as far from faith as one can get.

When ill health is a result of constant wrong action suppressing defense it moves to a deeper level of health – we call this chronic disease processes. As chronic diseases get better in homeopathy the person’s ability to mount a fever grows. This is a clear marker that health is increasing.

Of course.. Then treatment with antibiotics will relapse the process. This is the common battle with homeopathy.. Get someone to have a fever and start responding to germs and they suppress it again. Back and forth.. Until they can learn and understand how to manage it without decreasing health. And learn that fever is required for health of the organism.. it is a normal response.

With each pharmaceutical relapse of a case the case must be retaken and modified based on the medications taken. A new compromise of the immune system must now be considered.

I hope this is making sense ... If you are confused please ask questions at your next appointment.

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