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Its more than a Binder

What is the point of you keeping your own records?

It’s more than a binder

It represents your self-respect as well as your power to manage and understand your own healthcare.

Once of the first things I ask clients to do is get a binder and keep all of their medical records in the binder.

Bring it to every appointment. I love when the binder is orderly and organized by date ,. labs, saliva tests, current supplements, current drug, food diary, lists of questions to cover, hopes frustrations etc. , it helps me, but it also helps the person to see how their care works. Eventually after time one can start seeing how the trends of health work and that allows one to stop being taken advantage of or following paths that might not be in their best interest.

It tells me a lot about a person’s actual desire for health and wellness based on their preparing for their appointment. Some people come in and are so disorganized and have not filled out any of the paperwork and others forgot everything and yet here they are. They want help but they bring nothing. This is how their health goes and why they don’t have it. Its personal disrespect. They then apologize to me. As if any of it is about me. It’s their time, money and health that is being wasted not mine. I do this for a living. I do not live in chaos. I just frequently observe other that do. And hope that I can help them get out of it. And sometimes I can. But often the chaos wins because it is such a strong pattern. It holds people hostage for a lifetime.

Others diligently fill out everything and keep all files but never look at them or learn from them. They only read the printed words and numbers but never see the invisible lines in between.

Both ideas of how health goes produce confusing results. The former gets few results and waits for others to solve their problems and are stumped why there is no order to their care. They tell every practitioner they go to a slightly different story. This in itself is chaos. The binder stops this in its tracks.

The latter gets few results and believes they should because they keep order and follow directions yet there is no learning or real changing of deeply embedded patterns going on. The binder if used will allow for learning and greater understanding of all aspects of health for those that chose to use it that way, not just a place to store printed records.

It’s a living document.

Pattern changes produce results. Both in thinking and doing.

It’s really that simple. A person’s actual level of health can change. It is not always possible or realistic to acquire a level of health that a person desires because either their DNA never had it to begin with, or their patterns will not lend to acquiring it, or their level of health has fallen so far that just gaining balance and not slipping in health is a more realistic goal. Still many can acquire wonderful health they could never imagine. Just by being accountable and present with their binder. Yep.. Seriously.

The idea of the binder is to keep everyone on the same page. You should know more about your health than any of your practitioners. You are hiring them to help you based on their education and experience. You are not handing over your health to them. If I cannot get people to do a clean and clear binder and bring what I ask to appointments I can clearly say there will be no results or at the very most few results.

Disorder brings disease. And frequently IS the disease.

When people tell me they eat well and I can see their body/brain or their blood work prove otherwise yet they do not want to hear that balance is necessary to accomplish the goal they desire. I must stop asking for compliance and just smile and nod. Yes, too busy for that nonsense, I know.

When I ask for blood work or hormone testing and they might do it but never bring it back to go over, or never get around to doing, there is absolutely nothing I can do. Except smile and nod. Yes, I know it takes time and takes a person away from things they would prefer to do.

Yet they still want me to give suggestions of what to do, and even more they want results.

When I ask for a food diary it is not for my observation and learning. I already know what and how you eat because your blood and body and brain tell me. It is for the person to SEE how they are eating. One cannot change something that cannot be seen or identified.

Action generally requires perception of need.

I am clear when a person’s story does not match their reality. Most people are not even aware of this discrepancy in themselves. In fact this is generally why people don’t want to come back or make repeated appointments and then cancel repeatedly. They know they’re not doing what they say they want. I am just the bad guy because I reflect that back onto them and nobody likes a bad reflection, everyone prefers a great window view not a mirror. . Yes, I know it’s painful.

It’s OK to want an outcome you are not willing to work for. But when you digest that you will then have to face the reality that you get what you work for not what you want.

Remember Goals and dreams are entirely different animals.

Your outcome is your outcome. I will help those that ask but I cannot make you do anything.

If your health is urgent and I try to get you on board and you do not... Well... That’s all I can do

I cannot make your understanding of your lab work and ability to prevent a priority. You will experience the results of your choices...

You are currently working on who you will be in 10 years... the body and mind you currently have is a result of who you were and your patterns 10 years ago... time does not stand still and death is near for us all. It’s not a matter of "if"… it’s a matter of "when"… and for me and the people I work with is a process of "how". My goal is to help people age in body and mind at the same rate. It stinks when one or the other gets to the end first.

Death should be a celebration of a life lived well and not one of pain and suffering. It should be a transition of peace and love not a fear filled roller coaster ride. Death is worthy of love and respect not dread.

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