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Immune Function Junction #2

As we already discussed the immune system has levels of efficiency.. As a result it also has levels of dysfunction. Both of these reflect the capacity of the immune system to do its job to protect and defend the organism (your body)

* Super-efficient is effortless and offers no discernable inflammation - these people are VERY rare and most often found in third world countries with minimal drugs and processed foods and modern conveniences.

* Efficient is an acute response initiated by high fever

* Reduced- efficiency is chronic inflammation with no fever or minimal fever with acute response. (Ironically these are also the people that think they are healthy because they never get sick)

That reduced efficiency is a state of sub-inflammation that irritates the system all the time. The immune system cannot finish what it started as a result it creates mild or no fever in order to survive.

*super-reduced immune function there is no reaction at all. These are the people that appear fine(even though they are chronically ill - they are used to it and they get sick and drop dead)

As I posted the study slides from the American Journal of Respiratory Medicine a few posts back.. The point of that is to show they followed septic patients to see how their original immune function status impacted their critical outcomes. What they have noted is that when you start out with a high fever and a fast response your potential for full recovery is far better than a slow build and suppression. The presenting body temperature is a prognosticating tool for expected outcome. (the medical systems of the world is clear on this.. the general population is unclear on this) some of the most unclear are the people that work within the structure of the medical system where this concept has been very distorted in order to practice medicine using protocols.. Which is how profits are made.. Not how health is made. ..

The realization that the patients care needs to be individualized not a one size fits all is not just a homeopathic concept... all of medical science is aware of this - it is just not profitable or efficient.

The lack of fever reveals the patients underlying immunity state. Hypothermia (lower than normal body temp increases mortality.)

Group 1 - high temps and slow resolution / the healthiest long term

Group 2- high temps / fast resolution

Group 3- normothermic- no fever developed

Group 4- hypothermic decreased fever /poor resolution

Group 1 was youngest of age- low co-morbidities (other health processes that could kill them), they had the most change in the immune system, and the greatest and fastest markers of sepsis (blood work) all increased. They produced the maximum physiological changes of sepsis.

Then there is incremental changes down to group 4 that were the oldest age group with most co-morbidities and they had the least physiological changes and the highest mortalities.. Meaning their labs looked ok.. But they died anyway. The labs did not change until the very end.

High markers = strong inflammation which is a solid immune position

Fever = immune function.

We will talk a little about the cytokine storm tomorrow. And then we will get into the levels of health.

· Please understand. This information is not meant to be depressing. This information is hopefully allowing you to learn how your body works. That seems to be the biggest bump in the road is understanding how things work. And why things are happening. Making people then respond to health challenges in a way that is not helpful and actually creates ill health.

I have no intention of scaring or demeaning anyone. I want you to know your body and also know what is happening to your bod. We shall all die and we shall all struggle. Remember all blessing are not gentle blessings. Some blessings are hard blessings. Meaning. Hard stuff is still good stuff. Challenges are not always as big of a crisis as they feel. Challenges leave us without control generally and that creates a lot of internal chaos for most of us. No control feels like a loss. Those are "hard Blessings" ... learn and grow and become connected with your body. Stop trying to control it. You cannot. But you can learn to talk with I.. To respect it and help it help you.

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