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Continuum Theory

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

For many medical people of the world the understanding is that health at any given point is the result of suffering and treatment that a person has undergone in the past. As a result disease is a continuum of health. Bringing the past forward with you.

The good news is we can change choices and frequently change that movement forward. The bad news is bringing ill health forward is not just your personal ill health but that of your DNA ancestry. We are a culmination of their choices and then we add our own choices to that. This is the concept of the continuum theory. You do not start at the beginning. You start long before your personal beginning. And you do not end with your last breath. Your DNA carries that energy forward. We are not referring to one’s spiritual beliefs here. All though that can certainly be considered, it is not the focus of this writing.

The basic understanding is that each health incident is not an isolated happening or incident.

Each part of life is of a larger chain of events.

That is why what you do today will impact who you are tomorrow and what you have done in the past is a part of who you are today.

Most of you know I post that little ditty every now and then. “What you did 10 years ago is reflected in your health today and what you do today will be reflected in your health in ten years”. This is that concept.

A little recap... Healthy immunity = strong inflammatory response (this is the body trying to defend)

If that process is interrupted

The body must adapt to survive

A second line of inflammation is created

This second line of inflammation goes deeper and deeper into the tissue level

As this process is repeated and repeated and repeated with suppressive therapy and drugs

We must remember that is not without consequences

Those consequences are remnants of inflammation that add up until the body can no longer defend

That becomes chronic diseases.

The more suppression the more stress the body has to deal with on a daily basis.

With each stress the body enters a new or revised state of health. (A compromised state)

With each step the body inflammation goes deeper and deeper

Remember the purpose of inflammation is to clear disease to allow the body to return quickly to a normal state.

Thwarted inflammation does not allow this clearing to happen = constant chronic inflammation.

That sub inflammation is a constant irritation and we call it chronic inflammation. Which causes a constant stress on the body.

Ok so I have said that over and over in slightly different ways so you can see the process…

These people with chronic inflammation are then ripe to acquire “their” DNA predisposed weaknesses diseases... Everyone in this family or sub group gets this kind of cancer – or diabetes- or Parkinson, MS. Asthma etc. etc. We frequently call it genetic but it’s not quite that simple.

The main commonality once chronic inflammation and disease is present is there is a failure for the body to be able to produce high fever any longer.

In Homeopathy – correct treatment can return health. The concept of looking at the entire and deeper picture and why I ask so many questions and ask that you fill out your forms with care and time is that it matters. While decreasing blood sugar, or blood pressure or any other health challenge to normal numbers is enough, in Homeopathy the goal is deeper healing requires that we show and uplifting of the level of health by returns of acute illness and responses to acute illness. That’s a fever.

That is why I get so excited when you all get a fever. It means we are on the correct path. Runny nose... etc. If you are not in group D we desire to have fever and runny noses and germs to impact you. That means we are winning the inflammatory beat down.

Of course this does not always go as smoothly as it does on paper... But if there were acute diseases before there was a chronic health challenge the sign we are looking for is that shift back.

Of course if someone was born of low level of health and never had acutes we cannot expect to see a return to that health position as it was not there to begin with.

We will go over a bit more tomorrow.

Adapted in part from lecture given by Dr Semma Mahesh

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