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Coffee... nooooo not that

Ahhhh, coffee... yes.. people quite coming to see me because they don't want to give up coffee.. yes, really.. my suggestion is that al people that have damaged adrenal function (which is anyone that has anxiety, hormonal imbalances, or any chronic health issue or sleep problems) which is all of you.. will be healthier if you give up coffee.. not to mention it helps homeopathy work better if you give it up.. like all drugs if one refuses we just dose things differently..

some people lie and tell me they gave it up.. I really think people think I believe all their nonsense. Its kind of funny.. actually folks.. it doesn't matter to me.. I love coffee and I drink decaf.. why ? because I have stressed adrenals just like the rest of the world.. I have had people cry when I suggested they give up coffee.. like I was taking their life love.. same with wine same with high fat diets , same with high protein diets same with sugar and on and on , same with vegetarians that don't eat vegetables.. and so on and so forth.. its all in balance and yes for someone that has adrenal regulation issues coffee is bad.. all caffeine is bad for those folks.. for homeopathy it has a habit of messing up remedy action.. yes just one cup.. I have not one person that has given up coffee that has not felt better after doing so..(in a few weeks) their sleep gets better, it becomes easier to balance hormones and their reactivity to stress becomes more balanced and NORMAL.. and we can start recovering adrenal function.. (that takes years ) because you did not destroy it over night

the choice is yours.. I just make suggestions.. what you do with the suggestions is up to you.. I truly do not care how you prefer to handle your health.. I will do my job which is to give you the information that is in your best interest.. you do what you have to do on your end..

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